Recognition of professional qualifications

Pursuing a career in Germany mostly requires recognized professional qualifications. If you hold a vocational training or an academic degree, take care that these competences are filed.

In case you have not been able to take advantage of competence assessment offers in the federal state reception center, address immediately after your arrival the social workers or consultants in the municipality responsible for you. They will inform you about the employment agency’s competence assessment that assesses formal education, training, professional qualification and academic degree as well as work experience. By the time your qualification profile is gathered, you should take advice on your possibilities of recognition. Contact the respective counseling centers of Network IQ. The consultants will support you step by step along the often arduous path of foreign degree recognition.

Please note: In Germany, qualifications and professional competences are required for the pursuit of most professions. These can be filed in the recognition counseling. For some professions, recognition is the prerequisite in order to be permitted to work in this profession in Germany.