Residence papers

You will receive your “proof of arrival” (“Ankunftsnachweis”) from the LAE staff if you have not received it at another point yet. The proof of arrival substitutes the certificate of registration as an asylum seeker (“Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender” – BÜMA). The proof of arrival or the certificate provides personal data and a photograph. As soon as these documents are issued, your registration as asylum seeker is being recorded. On this basis, the Federal Office will invite you to your personal asylum application.

As soon as you have filed your asylum application, the proof of arrival or BÜMA will be exchanged for the permission to reside (Aufenthaltsgestattung). You have to carry that document with you all the time and you have to show it to the police in case of identity checks. In this identification document, it is noted in which area you are allowed to stay. As soon as you might transfer to an adopting municipality in Saxony-Anhalt, the change of your address will be reported to the Federal Office immediately.