Contact persons

Your key contact persons are social workers in the municipality who supervise you in the dormitories or in the apartment. Local welcoming initiatives as well as voluntary guides and mentors support you regarding first orientation. Migration counseling centers usually provide consultation during fixed office hours. They provide competent support with regard to the asylum procedure, legal aspect for foreigners, social benefits as well as offers of language promotion and other questions of everyday life, education and labor. Besides, there are organizations and associations on site. These provide information, encounters, culture, sports and language courses.

In larger cities, migrants have allied in migrant organizations. Many of them still remember how difficult it is to settle down. Therefore, they assist newly arriving people in translations and orientation. Contact the regional network of migrant organization of Saxony-Anhalt (Landesnetzwerk der Migrantenorganisationen – LAMSA). You can get information there and find out which migrant organizations are located nearby.