The Hearing

The hearing, often called “interview”, is the most important instance for applicants to explain why they have fled. On the basis of the hearing, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees decides whether or not you will be granted asylum in Germany.

Please note: The hearing is the first and only possibility for you to amply describe your personal motifs for the claim to asylum! Be aware of the significance of the interview and prepare well for the hearing.

Depending on the capacities of BAMF, the interview takes place some time after filing the application. You will receive a written invitation to the “Hearing according to § 25 of the Asylum Procedure Law” (Anhörung gemäß § 25 Asylverfahrensgesetz). An interpreter will be present. Inform the Federal Office early on in which language the hearing should be accomplished. As asylum seeker you are entitled to a hearing in your mother tongue. Particular wishes such as a female translator/interpreter should be announced in time.

The hearing is composed of about 25 questions about your background, the reasons for fleeing and your journey to Germany. Take your time for that. Provide true and full information. If possible, exhibit instruments of evidence or pictures. The decision maker will validate if your information is in accordance with the information you provided at registration. You are entitled to back-translation of your statements. Verify that all the statements of your hearing in the translated report are correct and confirm with your signature.

Caution: Check if the names of all family members are spelled correctly!