Step by Step

Arrival and registration

After having reached the site of LAE passing the guard at the main entrance, complete your registration as asylum seeker as soon as possible. You will receive a certificate of registration (registration, House A). If LAE Halberstadt is not responsible for you, you will be assigned to the corresponding initial admission center. You will receive a timetable and a ticket voucher for your transfer, which you have to redeem at the information point of Deutsche Bahn (train station Halberstadt

Asylum ID and proof of arrival

Your asylum ID will also be issued at registration. You must always carry your asylum ID along and show it whenever arriving at or leaving the admission center. Particulars of your supplies, medical consultations or the like will be recorded on the asylum ID. Moreover, you will receive your proof of arrival here.

Social worker

Afterwards, you proceed to your responsible social worker. You can address problems here. You will also be allocated to a room. With the notice on your asylum ID, you proceed towards house B, where you will be given the room keys. You will receive food vouchers weekly from your social worker.

Please pay attention to the current notices!

Health check

Afterwards, you seek the health department in house B where your initial medical examination takes place. This legally required examination is necessary in order to find out about infectious diseases. Further steps at LAE build upon this examination.

Federal Office

You file your asylum application at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. You will receive an invitation for that. The Federal Office is located in the arrival center on the LAE-site.

Social Welfare Office

The social welfare office is located directly next to House A at the main entrance of LAE. You present yourself at the social service department in order to apply for and receive contributions or pocket money.


The Diakonie provides a clothing store for personal requirements on the site of LAE. It is open Monday to Friday. The desk is located at the back of the canteen.

Laundry exchange

Your laundry can be done in the laundry room (House B, C, W5) where you also receive toiletries for your living area.

You can exchange your bed linen within stated hours.

Medical aid

The medical supply point MediCare is the first place to go in case of acute diseases. If your disease is not acute, you must apply for permission at the social service department before consulting a doctor.

The psychotherapeutic service in the office container G2 provides aid in case of anxiety states, mental illness or dependency disorders. Arrange an appointment if necessary.


If you observe violent confrontations or if you are exposed to hostilities or harassments, contact immediately your social worker, the security service or the police (present at the entrance).


The kindergarten is located in House C and in W4 (winter building 4) of ZASt. There, you will find diverse offers in a protected environment for your children at the age of 3 to 11 year.


Allocation to the rural districts of Saxony-Anhalt is conducted on named dates in the transfer office. For this purpose, also keep in mind the notices in the corresponding houses.

On the day of your transfer you must return bed linen, keys and other things that you have been provided in House B. You cannot start the transfer until your asylum ID is stamped invalid.

Location of LAE Halberstadt

The LAE (ZASt) is located in Friedrich-List-Street 1a, on the southern edge of Halberstadt, in direction of Klussiedlung.

The distance between central station and LAE Halberstadt is about 5 km.

You can reach LAE from central station via tram (line 2, in direction of Sargestedter Weg,  stop “Herbingstraße” or “Felsenkeller”)

or via bus (line 12, in direction of Klusberge, terminus).

If you walk, follow the signs from central station (white sign labeled “Asyl”).

Locationmap englisch

Social worker

Depending on the house you are accommodated, a social worker is responsible for you. He or she organizes procedures, distributes material and mail and completes applications with you. He or she is your main contact of the LAE. He or she provides you with important information concerning your stay in the facility. This also contains an instruction (hygiene regulation and behavior in case of fire alarm).

Caritas-Consultation Point

You can contact staff members of the Caritas counseling center for all questions concerning your stay in the initial admission center (House C/102, 103, 132, 133). Here, you will also be provided advice on all legal questions regarding the asylum procedure. You will also be prepared for your hearing.

Tip:  Please contact the consultation point as soon as you receive a letter that you do not understand. Do this quickly if you have received a negative decision on asylum. Caritas then advises you on possible legal remedies and also on return.

Offers in LAE Halberstadt

You can spend your time in the initial admission center wisely preparing yourself for the asylum procedure/hearing procedure. Visit the Caritas consultation point (House C/102).

  • Study German! At the counseling center of Caritas orientation courses in German are provided from Monday to Friday. Usually voluntary workers run the courses.
  • Here as well as in the care rooms (House B, House C), you will find programs for your children. The employees in the counseling center regularly offer handicraft lessons for children. If you are interested also ask for offers for adults.
  • The notices on the first floor of House C announce activities for adults, for example trips in the surrounding area of LAE (zoo for the children) or cultural encounters (Zora Halberstadt).
  • Close to LAE (in direction of the city center) there are various shopping (supermarket, clothing store) or communication facilities (internet cafés). You reach these facilities at a walking distance of 2 to 3 kilometers.
  • You can actively shape your immediate living environment and improve your pocket money by charitable work (translations, support at events, cleaning work, repairs and other work). Contact your social worker in order to benefit from this possibility.
  • Sports activities, cinema and other sociocultural activities are regularly provided by the social workers in the various areas.