Family reunification

As a person to whom refugee status has been granted or as a person entitled to asylum, you are entitled to subsequent immigration of your spouse and of your minor, unmarried children. You file an application for privileged family reunification at the Federal Foreign Office. It implies that your core family can enter to Saxony-Anhalt and receive a legal status. Please note that this application must be filed a maximum of three months after your recognition as refugee or asylum-entitled person.

For persons entitled to subsidiary protection, family reunification is suspended until March 15, 2018 (as of 10/2016). After this period, you can also apply for the easier subsequent immigration of your family at the Federal Foreign Office.

If your asylum procedure is still pending or if you have a national ban on deportation, you can also apply for family reunification. For this to be granted, you need to prove that you have adequate living space and that you can support yourself and your family members entering the country financially.