Formal Education

In Germany, all children have a right to education. Girls and boys are required to attend school at the age of six by law. School attendance is compulsory for your children, too. In many cities of Saxony-Anhalt, there are schools, which provide specific language support classes. Your child can acquire German in these classes in order to follow lessons with other children after that. Support your child on learning German. Your social worker will inform you about the closest offers and assist you with the application.

In Germany, all children first attend primary school. Afterwards, they graduate from secondary school. There are different types of graduation. These are the prerequisites for the further education of your child. With a secondary school degree or certificate (Haupt- oder Realschulabschluss), your child can start a vocational training, with a high school diploma he or she can start studying. Without any degree it is difficult to find a good job.

Further information about the German school system is provided by the regional network of migrant organizations in Saxony-Anhalt.