Organizing the time in the LAE

Allow sufficient time and tranquility for your asylum procedure. Take advantage of the local counseling centers with their services as well as corresponding information material (flyers, videos and others). In this way, you can prepare yourself for your hearing.

Allow sufficient time for learning German. In your facility, there is usually the possibility to learn the German language. Take advantage of existing offers or find out about possibilities of independent learning by asking the social workers.

Please also note first orientation services such as the multi-lingual orientation course for refugees. Outside of the initial reception center (for example, in the municipal community college), you also have the possibility to attend German courses or courses on daily routine. Thus, you can make yourself familiar with life in Germany.
Attention: Please ask beforehand if these courses are charged.

For children, fleeing is worse than for parents. Therefore, provide your children with the opportunities to play together. In all initial reception centers, there are offers for the leisure time of your children. Encourage your children to participate.
Please note: As legal guardian you are principally responsible for the welfare and actions of your children. That means, in the initial reception center you should always know where your child is. Watch it yourself wherever possible or inform other legal guardians where they can reach you. Your child, too, should always know where you are.
Take part in job opportunities or charitable work (translation, support at events, cleaning work, repairs and other work). You can thus gain first experiences with the German labor market. In addition, you can thus actively shape your immediate living environment and improve your pocket money.

Assessing professional competences

In the federal state reception center, the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) already provides the assessment of your professional competences. You will be asked about your educational and professional qualifications as well as your previous work experiences. If your professional qualification is needed on the labor market, you will receive a quick labor market consultation and you will be placed in recognition consultation. In case your professional qualification meets the requirements of the local labor market, you might also be allocated to the respective municipality.

Competences and qualifications are required for most professions. Especially, if you already have completed a vocational training or if you have a university de- gree, you should therefore take advantage of the competence assessment in the LAE.